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At intervals, the original wildness in his nature broke out; he, too, lost all re lish for the comforts of home, and ungratefully left the house.
But I must not omit to mention that, when the Eng- lish general was mortally wounded and his army routed, the remains of it were preserved by the skill and valor of George Washington."
~It has a natural, an inevitable tendency to brutalize every noble faculty of man.~ An American sailor, who was cast away on the shore of Africa, where he was kept in slavery for three years, was, at the expiration of that period, found to be imbruted and stultified--he had lost all reasoning power; and having forgotten his native language, could only ut- ter some savage gibberish between Arabic and Eng- lish, which nobody could understand, and which even he himself found difficulty in pronouncing.
SPEAK TO AN EXPERT Gavin Lish, of J&B Recycling
"This will be a real test for us, but we are a lot more confident after giving Durham City such a good game earlier in the week," enthused manager Ray Lish.
Lish, the narrator, crawls through language and its limitations to understand the world around him, starting with his remembrance of his family's annual vacation to Laurel in the Pines where Gordon, as a child, quests after "Buried Treasure" underneath the sand in the arcade game, and finishing with his recognition, as an aged author, of the quandaries associated with fiction which include, though are not limited to, readers' expectations, authorial intent, and the factual/fictional binary of "autobiographical" fiction.
PRIDE: Lisa Lish of Seaton Burn supports baby loss awareness week.
There are narratives that are extended jokes, a story about being in love with a dog named Beatrice, numbered narratives, a fiction modeled after a card game, et fiction based on a recipe, epistolary fiction, a fiction based on permutations of a philosophical statement, short brittle pieces that seem to be extensions of Lish's novels, terse little short shorts (such as the very fine "Konkluding Labor of Herkules"), a fish story, and a story in a subway, just to name a few.
Ms Lish told the court paperwork from Devon and Cornwall had only arrived last week.
Mitigating, Sarah Lish told the court Johnson suffered from literacy and numeracy difficulties and was shocked by the amount of money she'd taken.
Lish, of Worcester, died on December 12, 2011 after a short illness.