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Deputy headteacher Joanne Thomas said Pathways, which was created by Cardiff-based firm Lisol, was introduced to help cut down on the amount of paperwork and give staff more time to get on with their jobs.
Since using Lisol, the number of letters of praise sent home has increased dramatically," said Mrs Thomas.
Teachers from a number of schools, including Lewis School, Pengam, helped IT experts at Cardiff-based Lisol develop the system.
Cefn Saeson Comprehensive in Neath is one of a block of 10 schools launching Lisol Pathways during the new term.
Dyffryn Comprehensive School in Margam, Port Talbot, was the first county school to use Lisol Pathways, adopting the system a year ago.
The software, developed by Cardiff-based education IT specialists Lisol, is now in use in one in 10 schools across Wales but this is the first time an entire county has signed up to the software en masse.
Welsh IT company Lisol has developed a revolutionary software product to address these issues by engaging with secondary schools across the principality in a unique collaboration method designed to deliver bespoke solutions for their specific management, communication and bureaucratic needs.
He is responsible for making sure Pathways continues to meet the changing needs of current and prospective Lisol partner schools.
Lisol are an education-focused company with bilingual staff intent on creating solutions that work from the school's point of view.