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LISPSLow Ionic Strength-Protamine Sulphate
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All of the examples in this article are written in Common Lisp.
The evaluation rule for symbols in Common Lisp is that they evaluate to the value of the variable which they name.
Note that SETF is the general assignment operator in Common Lisp.
Dynamic scoping was used in early Lisp dialects because it is straightforward to implement in an interpreter.
Most children who lisp have normal mouth, tongue and lips, but sometimes, a physical problem such as a tongue tie or high palate may contribute to difficulty articulating certain sounds and can sometimes be easily corrected.
Lisp was designed by John McCarthy and implemented in the late 1950s at MIT.
Programming in Lisp includes the following benefits:
Lisp provides an interactive program development environment;
Lisp is an extensible language, allowing application-specific customization.
2) Rewrite the system using one of the few Lisps which, at the time, supported Common Windows (a part of KEE), like Franz's Allegro CL (8MB RAM, minimum);
Several matters arose, including the relative speeds of the development and delivery machines and the different methods of garbage collection employed by the different Lisps.
Lisp has long had a reputation for the efficacy of its development environment.