LISRLey del Impuesto Sobre la Renta (Spanish: Income Tax Law; Mexico)
LISRLibrary and Information Science Research
LISRLife Insurance Supplemental Rider (contracts)
LISRLong Island Source Records (genealogy)
LISRLong Intergenic Spacer Region
LISRLow Ionic Strength Reaction (human blood)
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(6) Deduccion del 35 % sin comprobantes fiscales establecida en el articulo 114 de la LISR.
Dichos gravamenes no son uniformes en Mexico, sino que dentro de la Ley del Impuesto sobre la Renta (LISR) existe un regimen fiscal especial denominado Regimen de pequenos contribuyentes (Repecos) que se aplica a empresas pequenas.
Like most wineries, Tres Sabores uses products from a range of cooperages; the lisr includes Routes, Demptos, Dillon, Tonnellerie d'Aquitaine, Alain Foquet, Svlvain and Francois Freres.
First, based on the notion that some of the specific types of LISRs might be more responsive to an oral antihistamine than to others, a modified LISR score was formulated by combining just the scores recorded for reddened, warm to the touch, and raised area around the injection site.