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LISSLow Intensity Support Services (Maryland)
LISSLong Island Sound Study
LISSLess Invasive Stabilization System
LISSLinear Imaging Self-Scanning
LISSLow Ionic Strength Solution (blood transfusions)
LISSList Sequential
LISSLow Intensity Steady-State (cardiovascular exercise)
LISSLantcom IDHS Software Support
LISSLow-Imaging Sensing Satellite
LISSLibrary Information Services System
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Liss goes in first, followed by a lighting technician and cameraman.
The retrospective study was conducted at Department of Orthopaedics in Taksim Training and Research Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) and comprised data of patients in whom osteosynthesis was applied with reverse LISS locking plate for unstable extracapsular femur fracture between September 2006 and June 2011.
If I had to choose I would lean towards Liss, not just because she's Welsh or has the Jones surname.
After a break from performing and studying for A-levels and working for her dad's mechanic business, Liss has been writing her own songs and decided to give The Voice one more try after auditioning for the first series four years ago.
Davao Oriental contains a high proportion of unique biodiversity and at the same time it has become a hotspot because its forest and other natural areas, with their unique plants and animals, are being lost at a fast rate," Liss pointed out.
Nor were they asked about other categories of dairy foods, such as cheese, yogurt, and other processed dairy products, making the results less credible," notes Liss.
This is evident from the lower accuracy of these methods over LISS 4 image when compared to LISS 3.
It's a girls' night out on steroids," said Arms Room COO Brandy Liss.
And if you head for Liss Ard Estate in West Cork, you will be following in the footsteps of the Gallagher brothers.
In Feminist Art and the Maternal Andrea Liss argues that patriarchal society's disdain for women, especially mothers, has long been coupled with a sentimental (and inaccurate) image of motherhood, which in turn has led to the scholarly neglect of this topic, even among feminist scholars.
Summary: The Egyptian Media Production City has reached an agreement with singer Midhat Saleh for him to sing the theme songs for the television dramas "Baba Nour" and "Al Liss wal Kitab" (The thief and the book)