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LISTENLocal Initiative Support Training and Education Network, Inc.
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ExXothermic said Listen Technologies' acquisition of Audio Everywhere will enable the ExXothermic to bring its audio-over-Wi-Fi offering to more markets and will facilitate greater collaboration among its teams and more product innovation.
Listen to the interview and fill in each blank with the correct word:
This study also invokes Lipari's movement toward emptying ourselves of assumptions in order to listen unflinchingly to the suffering of others while militating against appropriation and objectification.
Human resource experts list, "Fail to listen to and help employees feel that their opinions are valued" as among the top 10 mistakes that managers routinely make.
According to Buckley, "Students listen to the equivalent of a book a day; talk the equivalent of a book a week; read the equivalent of a book a month; and write the equivalent of a book a year" (1992, p.
Thus, to listen means to obey and to accept with great seriousness the will and intention of the other.
When God tells Abraham everything that Sarah says to you, listen to her voice God did not say "you shall do," rather God said "listen.
Presently, there appears to be little effort in bringing this kind of awareness to the students' attention and teaching them how to listen and manage their comprehension more efficiently.
Recent technical innovations allow subscribers with portable MP3 players to use technology for downloading podcasts and to listen to files at one's own convenience.
One of the most difficult situations in which educators are called upon to listen involves angry parents.
To a tax practitioner, the ability to listen effectively may be an overlooked skill that is more important than writing or speaking.