LITAFLPS (Lipopolysaccharide)-Induced TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) Alpha Factor
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Using these parameters, two basal readers were identified: one called LITAF (an acronym for what translates as Individualized, Remedial and Active Learning, Altalef & Koriat, 1993), which was highly stereotyped in its gender portrayals, and one called BLI SODOT (Without Secrets, Weiss & Lipavsky, 1997), which was much more gender-fair in its presentation.
TABLE 1 Clinical and genetic classification of hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy, with the linked locus and gene if known (Pestronk 2004) Pattern of Inhe- CMT-Type ritance Phenotype Locus Gene (s) Demyeli- Dominant CMT1A 17p11 PMP22 nating CMT1B; CMT1E 1q22 MPZ CMT1C 16p13 LITAF CMT1D 10q21 ERG2 CMT1F 8p21 NEFL HNPP l7p11 PMP22-deletion HMSN3 (Dejerine- PMP22/MPZ/ Sottas) EGR2/8q23 Thermosensitive ?
Analysis of chicken TLR4, CD28, MIF, MD-2, and LITAF genes in a Salmonella enteritidis resource population.