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This one clung to his theory with affectionate fidelity characteristic of originators of scientific theories, and afterward won many of the first scientists of the age to his view, by a very able pamphlet which he wrote, entitled, "Evidences going to show that the hair trunk, in a wild state, belonged to the early glacial period, and roamed the wastes of chaos in the company with the cave-bear, primeval man, and the other Oo"litics of the Old Silurian family."
Estudi del material litic del Museu de Sal Josep Arnau Cardona, Bages.
a po litics of apartheid, with one group enjoying benefits and
The laws of po litics are not suspended in cyberspace, but this does not mean that the Internet's implications for the political system are minor.
Not least because the term "liberalism" is heavy with political connotations, it is important when exploring the meaning and influence of liberalism not to fall prey to the illusion that po litics is an autonomous, self-generating, self-subsisting force that shapes all other aspects of society.
In the language of traditional Arab po litics, he was said to "loose and bind" (yahall wa yarbat) these factions, and he did so always in the interests of maintaining "national unity" (al-wabda al-wataniya), a euphemism signifying nothing other than loyalty to Hussein.
[10] As such, in a version of identity po litics, the exploitation remains.
Cyberfeminist exemplars include artists, designers, writers, academics and software developers, as well as other women for whom information technologies--and in particular, the Internet--have become a central part of their everyday, lived feminist po litics.
Whatever po litics of contemporary fiction might emerge, it does not reside as an essence within the fiction but rather in the multiple possibilities of readers' engagements.
She examines how violence is used rhetorically in contemporary community po litics, and particularly how a storytelling style allows witnesses of violence to establish their bravery in retrospect (Drs.
Sa S ha se s mi-Lo L ndo But po p litics on o ce co be b cause But experts in Middle Eastern politics reckon the leader's wife, once compared to Princess Diana because of the work she did to highlight the plight of disabled children, may be staying silent as she fears for her life.