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LITTLaser-Induced Interstitial Thermotherapy (treatment of benign and malignant gliomas)
LITTLaser-Induced Thermal Therapy (cancer treatment)
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Litt, by his own admission and by government designation during the 2013 shutdown, was "nonessential.
Litt acknowledges that interpreting the meaning and measuring the impacts of Trudeaumania is more an exercise in informed speculation than straightforward empirical analysis.
Litt was mesmerized as Hirsch explained how providing children with background knowledge on a wide variety of topics--history, literature, geography, science, art, and music--was key to building successful readers and learners.
Litt, who heads investment manager Land and Buildings, contends that NSAM is the "crown jewel" of the merger.
We also want to develop this implant to monitor post-operative seizures and recovery of brain function after surgery," Litt said.
Litt thinks problems with getting adequate budget or resources for video marketing go hand in hand with what he feels is the most surprising results of the entire survey--"which is how few marketers are focused on conversion.
ON co - d th SI pa se m be my an of th do po of pu rea ru IT ou rea wa on bu an bit fun litt TH W incredible stories from that.
The partnership is looking to double its shared portfolio this year, according to Jay Litt, executive vice president of Waramaug.
Litt, General Counsel, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Presented by Sophie Litt (RKW) and Tim Galekop (Ahlstrom), and with support from Geert Driessen (3M), members of the association's medical nonwovens committee, the presentation aimed to share information about the current single-use medical market, explaining the standards which regulate this market and expounding the importance of using single-use drapes and gowns during surgical procedures, not only for the safety of the patients but also for that of the staff.
Hannah Litt, co-author of "A Chicken in Every Yard," a guide to chicken keeping, grew up in Grafton and learned about chickens from family friends who lived down the street.
Our hope is that this video, in a short but visually beautiful way, describes the breadth and depth of the field of environmental health," said Section member Jill Litt, PhD, an associate professor at the Colorado School of Public Health.