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(43) Though he does not cite his sources, Pompeo Litta describes the death of Roberto Strozzi on 6 July 1495: 'Certamente il suo cadavere coperto di ferite, fu trovato in mezzo a' corpi de' nemici'.
(5.) For further information on grottoes and shells see Mauries, Cabinets, Patrick Mauries, Shell Shock (New York: Thames and Hudson, 1994); Naomi Miller, Heavenly Caves (New York: George Braziller, 1982); Litta Maria Medri, The Grottoes in the Boboli Gardens (Firenzei: Sillabe, 2002).
1467-1516) for the drapery of the Virgin in the Madonna Litta in the Hermitage in St Petersburg (a work whose authorship remains intensely controversial; Fig.
From this period, and in this exhibition, we find a host of his most important paintings including his two Virgin of the Rocks, the Musician, the Madonna Litta and Saint Jerome.
Works on display include La Belle Ferroniere, the Madonna Litta and Saint Jerome.
The first officers were chosen on January 19, 1919; it was organized "for the purpose of promoting and advancing the interests of the[ir] profession." The first president was Caroline Kellogg, and the charter members were Elizabeth Kenney, prominent in the Political Equality League and a tireless worker for women's rights, Georgia Bullock, the first woman judge of a court of record in California, Oda Faulconer, an early judge of the Los Angeles Municipal Court, Mae Carvell, a private practitioner in Los Angeles who specialized in probate law, Litta Belle Campbell, who was the wife of Kemper Campbell, a well known lawyer, and Ariel Hilton, whose mother had been a suffragette in London.