LIUALong Island's Ultimate Athlete (magazine)
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Applied mathematics and in particular geometry have initiated the implementation of comprehensive frameworks for modeling and mastering the complexity of today's architectural needs shapes in an optimal sense by ruled surfaces, (CARMO, 1976; LIUA et al.
In reviewing the experiences of other states and regions that have sought to address imbalances in patterns of territorial development, the key reported findings of the LIUA research are that:
Finally, in light of the ostensible stymieing of John Prescott's plans for English regional devolution following the rejection of proposals for an elected regional assembly for the North East region, and the LIUA research's identification of 'strong regional leadership' as an attribute of successful attempts at rebalancing regional growth, a 'governance'-framed investigation into the reception and fate of other attempts at generating 'inter-regionality' in other European states may prove particularly valuable.