LIVARLaser Illuminated Viewing and Ranging
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Above, Stuart on board and, below, Stuart, centre, with Livar Nysted, left, and skipper Max Chaya just before setting off
Brown said: "Livar announced that he could see a huge tree off the starboard side and I thought that he must have been drinking sea water and hallucinating.
The last wedding I attend in Cyprus is between two more Israelis--Shmuel Livar, a Cohen, and Zipora Ozana.
Their wedding ceremony is identical to the previous ones except that deputy mayor Michaelides's cell phone goes off accidentally in the middle and Livar and Ozana both put on small reading glasses to recite their vows.
Two other extreme sports fanatics will join Chaya: Livar Nysted, 42, from the Faroe Islands under the sovereignty of Denmark, and Stuart Kershaw, 33, from the United Kingdom.
Ray, along with skipper Leven Brown, 37, Don Lennox, 41 and 39-year-old Livar Nysted from the Faroe Islands, left Battery Park, Manhattan, on June 17.
Now, the Artemis North Atlantic Rowing Challenge team, which includes skipper Leven Brown, 37, from Edinburgh; Ray Carroll, 33, from Galway; Don Lennox, 41, from Bellshill, Glasgow, and Livar Nysted, 39, from the Faroe Islands, aiming to improve on that record.
The first attempt by Edinburgh skipper Leven Brown and his crew - Ray Carroll, from Galway, Don Lennox, from Glasgow and Livar Nysted, from the Faroe Islands - failed when their boat's rudder broke.