LIVEXLondon International Vintners Exchange
LIVEXLive Field Exercise
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Emmanuel Othieno, (1) Michael Ocaido, (2) Ezekiel Mupere, (3) Leonard Omadang, (2) Peter Oba, (2,4) and Andrew Livex Okwi (iD) (1)
Correspondence should be addressed to Andrew Livex Okwi;
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The LIVEX will feature high-intensity, joint warfighting and countering hybrid warfare threats and other new tactics of war.
Command and control between forces during the LIVEX will be conducted over the federated mission network, Gen.
The LIVEX events will occur simultaneously directed by different Headquarters staffs to ensure training is conducted in a complex environment that will improve the NATO Alliance's ability to integrate forces and respond rapidly.
Although the scope of the scenario is complex and challenging for responding forces, their responses to threats within the LIVEX are not pre-planned, Gen.
The Balkan Livex 2012 drills will feature participants from the special forces of all Balkan nations.
The Balkan Livex exercise will take place on the training ground in Macedonia's Krivolak.
Symbolically, some UK Royal Air Force RAF AV-8B Harriers deployed to Metz AB to enhance the close-air-support capabilities for the LIVEX phase.
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I'm certain that next year we will achieve the initial--which was unthinkable in a certain way--objective of increasing from one strategic exercise in 2013 to six strategic exercises in 2015 including the biggest livex (live exercise) we have had for at least a decade.