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LIVOLate Inlet Valve Opening
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And earlier this month Pete, known as Livo, and some of his fellow walkers, handed over a cheque to dance teacher Holly Eeles for PS1,500, which will pay for both the new floor and the fitting.
Each family member has a role with specific set of responsibilities and is expected to abide by them without question (Cooper, 1998; Duffy et al., 2004; Lee & Tapp, 2010; Livo & Cha, 1991).
Livo et al., Surface Reflectance Calibration of Terrestrial Imaging Spectroscopy Data: A Tutorial Using AVIRIS.
1986; Fctkavich and Livo 1998; Hammerson 1999; Thompson 2004; Muths and Nanjappa 2005).
Geckos have been known to deposit eggs in nursery plants (Livo et al., 1998), moving boxes, and old piles of clothing where transportation via human movement to new potential colonization sites is possible (Selcer, 1986).
Auto Business News-August 5, 2016--Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India to celebrate Livo's first anniversary
Tambien es necesario mencionar que Navarrete hace uso de manera recurrente de una parte importante de los libros que conforman la Biblia--el Genesis, el Eclesiastes, el Deuteronomio, el Libro de los Reyes o el Libro de los Macabeos son los mas utilizados--, y una lista no menos importante de autoridades clasicas--entre las que destacan san Agustin, Alapide, Filon Hebreo, Tito Livo o Santo Tomas--, de las que generalmente saca a colacion citas en latin a las que luego anade sus digresiones personales.
Named after the battle fought by Garibaldi in the Third War of Independence, Bezzecca, Marco's daughter, is married to a watchmaker, an "oriundo svizzero tedesco" ("Frammento" 2701), "il signor Livo Truppel," thus creating a peculiar, oxymoronic (and comical) situation at a time when Italians and Austro-Hungarians are fighting on opposite sides.
Lips KR, Brem F, Brenes R, Reeve JD, Alford RA, Voyles J, Carey C, Livo L, Pessier AP and Collins JP (2006) Emerging infectious disease and the loss of biodiversity in a Neotropical amphibian community.
Hoberman, Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film Between 'livo Worlds (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1991), 5.