LIXLicks (Used heavily on IRC and ICQ)
LIXLuxembourg Internet Exchange
LIXLiquid Ion Exchanger
LIXLegal Information eXchange
LIXLagos Internet Exchange
LIXLagos Ibadan Expressway (Nigeria)
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As she spoke, Fe lix stopped to give audience to one of the grooms, who had apparently been sent with a message to him.
In April 2017, the Council of Ministers agreed that the rights and obligations under the granted permission would be transferred entirely from Shell Exploitation and Precession (LIX) BV " of Shell International Exploitation and Development Italy S.A.
For hydrogen adsorption on LiX, KX, and CaX zeolites, the force field used was an enhanced version of the polymer consistent force field (PCFF) [21].
Felix Dern, or Lix as he is known, develops a successful career as an actor and singer, a household name in the city and country where he lives.
With: Beanie Andrew, Steve Walker, Miss Jeannie, Larry Parrot, Ricky Lix, Annabelle Lea Usher.
Lip Lix, priced pounds 2.10, give your tastebuds a sensual workout with a tasty lip colour and Lip Tints, priced pounds 2.49, are tiny pots of tinted lip gloss in a range of finger- licking fragrances from vanilla and mocha to strawberry cream.
He founded a dialogue, a secret mode of plastic speech, that sought to "transmit to future centuries techniques and knowledge that are falling into oblivion, of which he may be one of the last keepers" (lix).