LJ4LeatherJacket4 (Lakeland, FL)
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The MSRP on the LJ1 and LJ3 is $19.95, the LJ2 is $39.95 and the LJ4 is $29.95.
Even if you only get two refills out of each empty cartridge, you'll save a bundle of money, making the old LJ4 a very economical printer.
[R.sup.2] RMSE Canada France A (1-3) 17 0.1886 0.0091 LC1, LF1, LF3 LC2, C3 B (2-5) 24 0.0490 0.0099 LC2, LF1 LC3 C (1-5) 29 0.1883 0.0091 LC1, LF1, LF3 LC2, C3 D (1-7) 41 0.1896 0.0091 LC1, LF1, LF3 LC2, C3 E (1-15) 89 0.2081 0.0090 LC1, LF1, LF3 LC2, C3 Significant Variables Model Germany Japan UK World A (1-3) LG2 LJ1, LJ3 LW3 B (2-5) LJ4 C (1-5) LG2 LJ1, LJ4 LW3 D (1-7) LG2 LJ1 LW3 E (1-15) LG2, LG7 LJ1, LJ10, LU14 LW3 LJ12, LJ13, LJ14 Table 8 * Comparison of parameter estimates for Canada obtained for the model defined as general linear model and the multilayer perceptron with no hidden layers with linear activiation function.