LJALija (postal locality, Malta)
LJALongmont Jazz Association (Longmont, CO)
LJALord Justice of Appeal (Court of Appeal of England and Wales; UK)
LJALawrence Johnson & Associates (California)
LJAList of Join Alternatives
LJALaunch Justification Assessment
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The LJA factory is currently the largest tea manufacturing facility in Unilever producing more than 50 million tea cups per day and nearly 20 billion tea cups a year, while exporting to 63 countries including Eastern Europe and Canada, from the UAE.
Five samples were obtained during 4 months of growth, where 7, 13, 16, 14, 17 isolates were found in LCI site, and 9, 12, 13, 11, 17 isolates in LJA site (Fig.
Reinforcing our commitment to position LJA to provide the highest level of professional services to the public and private markets in Central Texas, this acquisition broadens LJA's services in land development, drainage, flood control planning, and utilities studies and design.
For instance, there is a filming-technology supplier that works with LJA (Interview, 2009b).
Geological evaluation of LJA TP 1 deposit from "Tropical" field in order to formulate prognosis of new locations in accordance with the development plan 2014-2026.
The main risk is that having provision somewhere in the LJA [Local Justice Area] will be seen as sufficient, even if that is not available to every woman offender.
Heitz-Mayfield LJA, Trombelli L, Heitz F, Needleman I, Moles D.
Oosterhout SD, Wienk MM, van Bavel SS, Thiedmann R, Koster LJA, Gilot J, Loos J, Schmidt V, Janssen RAJ (2009).
Huijbregts MAJ, Rombouts LJA, Ragas AMJ, van de Meent D.
The MoJ also produces for wider local justice areas (LJAs), showing average delays of 73 weeks at Wrexham Maelor LJA, and 56 at Denbighshire.