LJBLong John Baldry
LJBLangenthal-Jura Bahn (German; Swiss railway company)
LJBLibya Jamahiriya Broadcasting
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(1) Station network: with analyzing the service chain in LJB station, we build the association network of facilities and equipment and calculate in-degree for all nodes, which is shown in Figure 5.
"Tilt-up has consistently shown that it is the most economical method of construction for "big box' applications," says LJB principal Jeff Griffin.
"Tilt-up has consistently shown that it is the most economical method of construction for 'big box' applications," said Jeff Griffin, principal of LJB Inc.
Leeza Brazier, of LJB Restaurants,with Tim Lang, of George Green, and Mike Blake-Blazier, of LJB Restaurants.; ABOVE: Louise Thomas, of George Green, with Paul Hardy, of Euroseal, Tracy Newman, of Monarch Recruitment, and Siobhan Ganlwey, of Hagemeyer.
Project Team: (not all-inclusive) Middletown Regional Hospital, owner; Earl Swensson Associates Inc., architect; KLMK Group LLC, program manager; LJB Inc., civil engineer; Structural Design Group, structural engineer; Phoenix Design Group, MEP engineer; Smith Seckman Reid Inc., communications; Centex Resource Group, medical-equipment planner; Hodgson & Douglas LLC, landscape architect
In regard to the latter, LJB is the Lomnicki-Jarque-Bera test of normality; ARCH denotes the statistic of no autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity with four lags; and BCH is Ocal and Osborn's (2000) test of business cycle heteroskedasticity.
100mA James Moore; 100m B Matt Butler; 200mA Phil Doorgachurn; 200mB Peter Stafford; 400mA AN Other; 400mB Marco Palmieri; 800mA James Nasrat; 800mB Joe Thomas; 1500mA James Williams; 1500mB Jorge Thomas; 5000mA Jon Phillips; 5000mB Mike Johnson; S/CA Steve Milward; S/CB Anthony Wilson; 110HA Matt Butler; 110HB Matt Ledger; 400HA Gareth Sutcliffe; 400HB Richard Chappell; HJA Kabelo Mnomo; HJB Matt Ledger; PVA Michael Walker; PVB Jon Murray; LJA Andy Thompson; LJB Ian Newbury; TJA Gary White; TJB AN Other; ShotA Brett Morse; ShotB AN Other; DiscusA Brett Morse; DiscusB AN Other HammerA Peter Morgan; HammerB AN Other; JavelinA Jason Hallett; JavelinB Matt Ledger; 4x100 Moore, Doorgachurn, Butler, Stafford; 4x400 AN Other, Tom Miller, Palmieri, Nasrat.
(5.) Cruveilhier LJB. Anatomie Pathologique du Corps Humain.
For a detailed and updated review of both mandatory and voluntary maritime security programs, refer to CBP (2006), UNCTAD (2006), LJB (2006), and DNV Consulting (2005).