LJDAMLaser Joint Direct Attack Munition (trademark of Boeing)
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The US Navy, US Air Force, and our international partners will continue to procure modular JDAM tail kits and LJDAM sensor kits for the foreseeable future."
The LJDAM is a low-cost guidance kit which converts existing unguided, or "dumb", free-fall bombs into guided "smart" weapons.
According to the report, Israel became the first foreign customer to purchase the standard LJDAM system, manufactured by Boeing, in 2000.
The standard Ljdam is currently the GBU-54, based on the GBU-38, but Ljdam versions of the GBU-31 and -32 are under development.
Ljdam has been ordered by Germany and six other international customers.
In 2011 Navair placed the first low-rate initial production order for LJDAM kits under the US Navy's Direct Attack Moving Target Capability (DAMTC) requirement.
In June 2013 it was reported that the US Air Force intends to award Boeing a contract to develop a laser-guided version of its GPS/INS-guided Small Diameter Bomb (SDB), adding the Ljdam seeker, a joint development by Boeing and Elbit Systems.
In January 2010, the US Joint Chiefs approved a Joint Urgent Operation Need (Juon) for a very low collateral damage weapon (VLCDW) that would be compatible with the Jdam and the Ljdam, and could be used on any aircraft cleared for the Mk 82.
The Ljdam entered service in 2008 and is now in production for the US services i and Germany.