LJLLumberjack Leggings
LJLLower Jaw Length
LJLLoL (League of Legends) Japan League (gaming)
LJLLaura Johnson Library (North Stratford, NH)
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Approval to carry out the study was also obtained from the LJL for official access to the various football teams.
Earlier, Tannenbaum worked in senior management positions at LJL Biosystems of Sunnyvale, CA; Arthocare diabetes startup Metrika (now Bayer Diagnostics of Tarrytown, NY); Sinogen, a biopharmaceutical company based in San Francisco, CA; and Boston Scientific.
She is also president of LJL and Associates with a concentration in neonatal and pediatric cases.
OVER recent years LJL Airport has become one of Europe's fastest-growing airports, having increased its annual passenger numbers from 875,000 in 1998 to 5.47m in 2007.
Single-base primer extension reactions were performed as previously described (28), and allele detection was performed by measuring fluorescence polarization on an LJL Analyst fluorescent reader (Molecular Devices).
The LJL observatory, funded by the WHOI Ocean Life Institute, is the first in tropical waters.
LJL managing director Neil Pakey said today that Peel's move held ``no surprises for the airport.
For instrumentation on the rail, we have an LJL Analyst fluorescence reader, Molecular Devices Spectra Max plus absorbance reader, C[O.sub.2] incubator, etc.--all components that Beckman had successfully integrated before with the SAMI software.
Linda joins from LJL in Newcastle-under-Lyme where she worked on a variety of IT accounts.