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The longer lower jaw protrudes beyond the snout (LJx) by 4% BL at 13.1 mm and increases to a maximum of 24% BL in the 31.5 mm juvenile.
Currently LJX provides a text-only interface to the Internet.
To understand the arrangement, think of LJX as a group that provides patrons access to a huge museum.
For the more computer-literate, think of LJX as an electronic online service like CompuServe, Prodigy, or America On-Line, but one specifically designed for lawyers, paralegals, and law office personnel.
Like these large online services, LJX provides electronic mail, file transfer, conferences and forums, Internet access, and also news of interest to the legal community that is gathered and presented to subscribers in an easy-to-use graphical environment.
LJX, which went online in November 1994, entered into a contract with ATLA to provide to members not only LJX's standard services, but many more ATLA-specific forums, conferences, information resources, and data, including private conferencing areas for committees and the various sections and litigation groups.
* using electronic mail (I'm already communicating with ATLA members on ATLA NET and with a growing number of clients on the Internet via LJX);
For members already familiar with the Internet, the LJX software will support major functions like Gopher, World Wide Web, WAIS, Veronica, and Archie.
Real-time features allow users to hold private discussions with individuals or groups around the world, whether they are on LJX or not.