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LKABLuossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (high-tech ore processing company; Sweden)
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This means cost control, production stability, increased volumes and investments to develop the next generation of LKAB,' says Jan Mostrom, President and CEO.
Therefore SSAB, LKAB, and Vattenfall, joined forces to create Hybrit, an initiative with the aim to develop the world's first fossil free ore-based steelmaking technology.
They also exhibited LKAB Mineral's range of high-quality mineral solutions with different functionalities used for a variety of coating applications; in addition to the Potters Europe Hollow Spheres in compositions such as extra-light and strong hollow glass microspheres and extra-hard and fluid-solid glass microspheres, which are functional additives to the paint, coating and ink applications.
The UltraCarb platelets retain their form in a stable, cementitious char, unlike the fragile char (similar to cigarette ash) that occurs with ATH, according to LKAB. Together, [H.sub.2]O and C[O.sub.2] constitute 53% by weight of UltraCarb.
Approved for Radiation Shielding Concrete DIN 6847-2, the aggregate exhibits these physical properties: 4.8-5.2 particle density (dry); water absorption < 0.3 percent; angular particle shape; and, rough surface texture.--Adapted from a report by David Hognelid of LKAB Minerals AB, Lulea, Sweden;
LKAB alone could boost its workforce by 30 percent The new spending by the company and the expanded tax base would make it easier for the town to refurbish its drab image, increase funds to schools, hospitals, welfare and entertainment.
As might be expected, the carriage of workers was the main task of the first two tram services, and the mining company LKAB initiated, built and operated the systems.
NCC Construction Sweden (NCC Sweden), a Sweden-based construction company, has received an extended rock-engineering contract from LKAB.
Workers began laying track last April to test the system for their Swedish mining client, LKAB.
Atlas Copco has introduced the Simba W6 C drilling rig after two ,years of testing in Sweden's LKAB iron mines.
The government has stated that it does not intend to sell LKAB (mining) and Vattenfall (electricity generation) even though they operate in competitive markets.