LKASLane Keeping Assist System
LKASLane Keep Assist System
LKASLorraine Kelly Appreciation Society (fan club; UK)
LKASLazare-Klerman-Armor Trait Scale
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Miesto krastovaizdzio architekturos problemas ir skaudulius aptare LKAS valdybos narys, VGTU prof.
Vlado Stausko, ilgamecio LKAS vadovo, krastovaizdzio architekto Regimanto Pilkausko, VGTU doc.
Hi-tech: The Honda Accord Tourer's Lane Keeping Assist System automatically corrects steering if the driver drifts out of lane.' Impressive: Left, the Tourer's interior and, right, its ADAS system which includes the LKAS as well as Adaptive Cruise Control.
But for the families of the LKAs, the war goes on--just as it does for the searchers and recovery teams.
The fate of families whose loved ones were officially "last known alive," or LKA, is the most heart-wrenching of the Vietnam War.
"The resolution of the last LKA case will mean that for these families, the Vietnam War will finally be over."
The LKAS system applies steering to keep the car in the centre of a road lane using a tiny camera near the rear-view mirror to monitor the road markings.