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LKBLaboratoire Kastler Brossel (French: Kastler Brossel Laboratory; Ecole Normal Superieur; Paris, France)
LKBLexical Knowledge Bases
LKBLinux Kernel Booter
LKBLinguistic Knowledge Building
LKBLord Krishna Bank (India)
LKBLexical Knowledge Base (computational linguistics)
LKBLinguistic Knowledge Building System
LKBLeah Kreutzer Barber (dance company; New Brunswick, NJ)
LKBLink Belt Company
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LKB model was fitted by using mean esophagus dose (MED), which was implicitly assumed n equals to 1 in the model.
Mudduwa LKB. Quick score of hormone receptor status of breast carcinoma: Correlation with the other clinicopathological prognostic parameters.
That is why it is proposed to use for semantic parsing of NL-texts not only a linguistic database but also a linguistic knowledge base (LKB).
Diffraction instruments at NIST [6,7], the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France [8], and the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (LKB) in Paris, France [9] use crystals for which the lattice spacings were determined through comparison measurements.
Ultrathin sections (~ 60 nm in thickness) were obtained employing an LKB ultramicrotome.
10b lkb 10k 100 150 ytes b kb kb FILE DOWNLOAD 3 5 7 7 8 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Chemiluminescence Assay (CL Assay): The CL-assay was performed using an automated Luminometer (Wallac LKB 1251 Luminometer) connected to an Acorn BBC B micro computer.
Chemiluminescence (CL) was measured in a liquid scintillation counter in the out-of-coincidence mode (LKB Rack Beta Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer 1215, LKB--Produkter AB, Sweden).
Para a analise de tocoferois, as amostras de oleo foram dissolvidas em n-hexano, filtradas (0,45 [micro]m) (GIMENO et al., 2000) e analisadas por cromatografia liquida de alta eficiencia de fase normal (TAN & BRZUSKIEWICZ, 1989), em cromatografo Pharmacia LKB. As quatro formas de tocoferois ([alpha]-, [beta]-, [gamma]- e [delta]) foram identificadas e quantificadas por meio de padronizacao externa atraves de curvas de calibracao com padrao comercial de cada tocoferol ([r.sup.2]>0,98).