LKCLocking Compound
LKCLinux Kernel Conference
LKCLeague of the Kingship of Christ
LKCLibrary Knowledge Center (Indonesia)
LKCLake Cowichan (British Columbia, Canada)
LKCLimburgse Keverclub (Dutch: Limburg Beetle Club; automobile club; Limburg, Belgium)
LKCLexington Kennel Club (Kentucky)
LKCLongview Kennel Club
LKCLoughgraney Kids Corner (Ireland childcare center)
LKCLogistics Knowledge Center (US Army)
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The results meant that LKC has marched to the zonal finals unbeaten after winning all their games against Mogoditshane, Naledi and Molefhi secondary schools.
On Monday, the Liverpool Kashrut Commission (LKC), which regulates Jewish dietary laws in Liverpool, announced that Roseman's Deli had also breached Kashrut.
Following Mr Kaye's death, the LKC said in a statement: "The LKC would like to express its condolences to the family of Mr Robert Kaye upon his sad passing.
US Retina reportedly provides valuable and immediate access to LKC's new technologies to advance the former's quality patient care, according to Peter L.
This new IF pattern appeared distinct from that of atypical LKM or LKC pattern which is characterized by hepatic and renal proximal tubular cell fluorescence immunostaining [1], detected also by our group in 3 out of 45 post-OLT cohort of children [19].
The Scotopic Sensitivity Tester-1 (SST-1; LKC Technologies, US) is comprised of a small, handheld Ganzfeld occluding instrument connected to an electronic control box.
The meeting also saw LKC trialing timed races for the first time in preparation for the 2015 season, with qualifying preceding a brace of six-minute-plus one lap outings and an eight-minute-plus one-lap final.
It is not clear if this is a misprint for Lgh or Lkc, or if indeed it is simply missing in the list (according to .uk/libraries Lgc stands for 'London (Great Britain), Gresham College Collection, Guildhall Library').
In September 2009 the Council for Children's Rights unveiled the Larry King Center for Building Children's Futures (LKC).
The audit will be made by Bavaria-based LKC Kemper, Czarske v Gronau Berz and will not cost above EUR 1 million (USD 1.421m).