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LKDPLietuvos Krikscioniu Demokratu Partija (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party)
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The following parties were considered: SK (a), LSDP (b), LKDP (c), LDDP (d), and O (e).
Party [alpha] [beta] [R.sup.2.sub.PDF] [R.sup.2.sub.RS] SK 3.9 16.6 0.956 0.994 LSDP 2.7 51 0.935 0.953 LKDP 2.2 16 0.926 0.995 LDDP 5.7 6.1 0.907 0.998 O 3 19.4 0.895 0.854 Table 2: The parameters of a mixture of Beta distributions: here c is a weight of Be([[alpha].sub.2], [[beta].sub.2]), used to fit the data in Figures 4 and 5 as well as wellness of fit for the PDFs, [R.sup.2.sub.PDF], and the rank-size distributions, [R.sup.2.sub.RS].
And, first of all, with LKDP. But these relationships both interwar and today, were not simple.
Still today in some countryside districts to be "good and moral' Catholic means be together and a member of LKDP, or at least vote for this party on the election to Seimas or municipality.