LKKLee Kum Kee
LKKLoka Kongresa Komitato (Esperanto: Local Congressional Committee)
LKKLaughing Kudu Kudu
LKKLiberala Katolska Kyrkan (Swedish: Liberal Catholic Church)
LKKLatin King Killer (gang slang)
LKKLake Shore Mines, Ltd. (stock symbol)
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Last week, through an exclusive interview with Charlie Lee, we saw how LKK treats its employees, customers and business partners with respect.
According to LKK, Walkie Talkie is the largest-ever office complex property transaction in the UK for a stand-alone office building.
Hydrochloric acid HCl (39.4%, d 1.195) was purchased from LKK (Kaustik, Russia).
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701 (JMW, LKK)
Three gold deposits have been discovered - Lindsay's, Kalpini and Kurnalpi (now collectively the LKK Project) - with a number of other prospects in the exploration pipeline.
CIV S-06- Delay in Production; 2042 LKK GGH, 2008 WL 2073958 (E.D.
One sequence was designated as the target, LKK, with other sequences occasionally reinforced when they met a variability contingency.
(1) In Germany, health expenditure is handled by regional and professional sickness funds: "local sickness funds," or Allgemeine Ortkrankenkassen (AOK); "sickness funds for private companies," Betriebskrankenkassen (BKK); "sickness funds for corporations, craftsmen and tradesmen," Innungkrankenkassen (Agricultural IKK); and "sickness funds for farmers," or Landwirtschaftliche Krankenkassen (LKK).
1984) Civil Action #S-77-99 LKK, unreportedsettlement.