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LKLFLung Kruppel-Like Factor
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Based on the technology, we have uncovered several proteins involved in the regulation of T-cell quiescence including the lung-Krupple-like factor (LKLF), which is a zinc finger-containing transcription factor that maintains T-cell quiescence [13].
Genes Single-cell DD Single-cell RNA-seq Positive screening RPKM Totalpool 288 6767 Tob Yes 1.87048 Ski Yes 1.20975 Sno-A Yes N/A TGF-beta Yes Research LKLF Yes 0.42310 ERF Yes 1.74318 REST/NRSF Yes N/A c-Myc Yes 1.19342 TABLE 3: Relationship between NGS-RPKM and quantitative rtPCR.