LKMLoving-Kindness Meditation
LKMLiver-Kidney Microsomal (antibody)
LKMLoadable Kernel Module
LKMLinux Kernel Module
LKMLeague of Kansas Municipalities
LKMLembaga Keuangan Mikro (Indonesian: Microfinance Institutions)
LKMLocal Key Manager
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the relationships between LKM and student teachers' reported levels of stress and empathy.
Controls included 50 healthy subjects and 66 nontransplanted patients affected by idiopathic autoimmune liver diseases: 11 with AH-1 (ANA and/or SMA positives), 11 with AH-2 (LKM-1 and/or LC-1 positives), 2 with AH-3 (SLA positives), 26 with Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC, AMA positives), and 16 with ApS-1 (one LM positive, five LKM positives).
The LKM is divided into four sections: KarachiHyderabad, HyderabadSukkur, SukkurMultan and MultanLahore sections and the National Highway Authority (NHA) with the assistance of National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK), the state owned engineering consultant is working on various proposals to execute this mega project.
Within the mindfulness tradition loving-kindness meditation (LKM) incorporates nonjudgmental attention to the present moment and a focus on cultivating compassion and a sense of connectedness with self and others (Chodron, 1996; Kristeller & Johnson, 2005; Salzberg, 1995).
With a warm-up at 9.30am, the 5km race will begin at 10am, followed by the lkm race.
In this work the fractions obtained by microwave-assisted oxidative degradation with hydrogen peroxide of two pine lignins (LAA y LKM) and its tensoactive properties were studied.
LKM has set up the Greensburg Fund to provide assistance to the city government of Greensburg as follows:
The Swedish healthcare provider Capio AB said on Tuesday (14 December) that it had agreed to acquire the Norwegian diagnostics laboratory Laboratorium for Klinisk Mikrobiologi (LKM).
In the new application, built on Solid Edge Version 15, users can select mold bases and associated components from a complete library of various standards (DME, Hasco, Futuba, LKM, Misumi) and use the mold cores and cavities created directly from Solid Edge-created parts.
These rootkits are implemented as device drivers in Windows platforms and LKM's (Loadable Kernel Modules) in Linux.
(12) Tebuna (te- + third person indicative present) si diena kaip kristolas gryna (LKM 154) 'May this day be crystal bright'.
It also encompasses famous brands such as SSP, Ibex and LKM, as well as Alfa Laval's own brand.