LKM1Liver-Kidney Microsomal Type 1 (antibody; also seen as LKM-1)
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ANA, ASMA, AMA, DsDna were positive and anti LKM1 antibodies were negative.
TABLE 1: LAB DATA ON ADMISSION LAB PARAMETERS RESULTS HB/HCT/PLT/RBC 10.2/36.7/9.41L /4.71 L NA/K/CL 136/3.8/99 Bilirubin Total/Direct 15.3/10.1 AST/ALT 337/331 IgM HAV POSITIVE HBsAg/HCV NEGATIVE BSL 109 TABLE 2: LAB DATA AFTER 4 MONTHS LAB PARAMETERS RESULTS HB/HCT/PLT/RBC 9.2/36.7/7.41L /4.42 L NA/K/CL 134/4/92 Bilirubin Total/Direct 5.3/4.1 AST/ALT 776/456 ANA, DsDNA, anti SMA POSITIVE IgG (>3000 mg/dL) ANTI LKM1 NEGATIVE
Monselise et al., "Syncytial giantcell hepatitis due to autoimmune hepatitis type II (LKM1 +) presenting as subfulminant hepatitis," American Journal of Gastroenterology, vol.
AIH type 1 (AIH-1), the most common form, is characterized by the presence of anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs) and/or anti-smooth muscle antibodies (SMAs) with actin specificity, whereas AIH type 2 (AIH-2) is associated with antibodies to liver-kidney-microsome type 1 (LKM1) and/or antibodies to liver cytosol type 1 (LC1).