LKMDLembaga Ketahanan Masyarakat Desa (Indonesian government agency)
LKMDLighting Kit Motion Detector (military device)
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(9.) The Indonesian Government had formed village councils: LKMD or Lambaga Ketahanan Masyarakat Desa (Council of the Village People); and LMD or Lembaga Musyawarah Desa (like the Council of the Elders).
As the village and hamlet heads and the village council (LKMD) had responsibility for resolving disputes, their lack of credibility hampered the functioning of adat-based dispute mediation.
Once a tender has been accepted the successful shop owners are required to lodge a sum of between 2-3 million rupiah with the secretary of the LKMD. This initial downpayment is intended to cover expenditure at the start of the purchasing period.
The LKMD instructs the villagers when they can take their lola to be weighed.