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LKSLambda Kappa Sigma (est. 1913; pharmacy sorority)
LKSLinux Kernel Summit
LKSLinux Kernel Subsystem
LKSLane Keeping System (automobile traffic feature)
LKSLandau-Kleffner Syndrome
LKSLudowe Kluby Sportowe (Polish: Folk Sport Clubs)
LKSLinux Kernel Summit (conference)
LKSLiver, Kidney, Spleen (organ transplant)
LKSLeague of Kentucky Sportsmen (est. 1935)
LKSLucky Stores, Inc.
LKSLast Known Status (military tracking systems)
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He said the ten proposals were shortlisted from 48 recommendations received from seven standing committees of LKS, which deals with seven different topics for the state's development and NRKs' welfare.
"The maximum number of LKS members in the Middle East region are from the UAE.
Since recombinant LKs are expressed and aggregated in inclusion bodies, they lose capability for folding properly with correct structural configurations and, therefore, are unable to hydrolyze membranes and kill E.
The treatment of LKS has been somewhat disappointing.
There have not been many long-term follow-up studies of children with LKS. This lack of evidence, along with the wide range of differences among affected children, makes it impossible to predict the outcome of this disorder.
The seven standing committees of LKS are looking at various socio-economic challenges faced by overseas Keralites, expat women in particular, he said.
Dwyer (LZ), Flores (GN), Geist (Grt), Geren (VH), Gritsonis (LZ), Harris (VH), Hill (LZ), Hart (Stev), Holmes (Ant), Kearns (Lib), Keilwitz (GN), Klemm (Lks), Lautner (Grt), Lehmann (Wauc), Maggio (Ant), Marti (Car), Mendoza (Grt), Ju.
Dwyer (LZ), Geist (Grt), Geren (VH), Gritsonis (LZ), Harris (VH), Kearns (Lib), Klemm (Lks), Lautner (Grt), Lehmann (Wauc), Maggio (Ant), Marti (Car), Mendoza (Grt), Mohry (War), Ju.
Dwyer (LZ), Fier (Ant), Geist (Grt), Geren (VH), Gritsonis (LZ), Harris (VH), Kearns (Lib), Klemm (Lks), Lautner (Grt), Lehmann (Wauc), Maggio (Ant), Mendoza (Grt), Mohry (War), Ju.
Dwyer (LZ), Fier (Ant), Gary-Turner (War), Geist (Grt), Geren (VH), Gritsonis (LZ), Harris (VH), Klemm (Lks), Lautner (Grt), Lehmann (Wauc), Murphy (GC), Ngwangu (Mun), Nixon (RL), Pietrusiewicz (Mun), Watson (Mun), Welcing (LZ), Zullo (VH)
Serving -- Lks: Donovan (7 aces), Nix (3 aces);Attacking -- Lk: Clowers (29 kills), Nix (22 kills); Setting -- Lks: Jones (44 assists); Donovan (34;