LKTALietuvos Kaimo Turizmo Asociacijos (Lithuanian: Lithuania Rural Tourism Association)
LKTALandsman Kill Trail Association (est. 1968; Rhinebeck, NY)
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Similarly, PCR-based detection of lktA differed among outbreaks (p = 0.003).
trehalosi was detected in most animals regardless of their health status; exhibited diverse strain types within epizootics; and in most instances was detected in the absence of lktA, consistent with the nontoxigenic strains widely distributed in healthy and pneumonic bighorn sheep (36).
multocida, and lktA were detected from animals in the different epizootics differed significantly, although this finding did not correlate with mortality rates (Table 1).
It has been hypothesized that structural differences in the lktA gene influence the intensity of the organisms' virulence.