LKVLandes Kanu Verband (German: Land Canoe Association)
LKVLaked Kanamycin Vancomycin
LKVLeidse Kunsthistorische Vereniging (Dutch: Leiden Art History Society)
LKVLast Known Victim (book)
LKVLandsforbundet for Kvinders Valgret (Danish: National Association of Women's Suffrage)
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LKV Architects of Boise and RGU Architecture of Lewiston are the project's architects.
* *Last Known Value (LKV) and Last Known Message (LKM)*: The fabric caches both the last known value and the last known message for any topic to make start-up and recovery procedures for applications incredibly simple.
Measurements Renal vessels Length Diameter LRA 1 6.0 5.0 LRA 2 6.5 5.2 LRA 3 4.5 5.0 LRA 4 7.5 4.5 LRA 5 8.0 5.1 RRA 1 6.0 5.3 RRA 2 9.0 5.6 LKV 1 16.0 9.0 LRV 2 7.5 6.0 LRV 3 6.2 4.5 LRV 4 8.0 4.3 RRV 1 7.6 7.8 RRV 2 5.2 6.4
I recall Hillman Imps were registered LKV 101F-110F for A division, Little Park Street; LKV 201F for B division Foleshill; and LKV 301F-306F for C division Fletchamstead, where I was stationed.
Euro 12 million will go on the construction of a new 560-bed general hospital in Vocklabruck, implemented under a public-private partnership financing scheme involving the Federal State Upper Austria and a special purpose company LKV Krankenhaus Errichtungs-und Vermietungs-G.m.b.H.
A rendering of the new Whittier Elementary School, designed by LKV Architects.