LKZLogistik Kompetenz Zentrum (German: Logistics Competence Centre; Bavaria, Germany)
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Two self-maps K and L on complex valued metric space X are weakly compatible if there exists point z [member of] X such that KLz = LKz whenever Kz = Lz.
We are excited to become a shareholder of LKZ and look forward to driving continued infrastructure improvements across the country, and bringing the most advanced locomotive technology to the CIS region.
LKZ [2011] 39) and the Governor's Foundation of Guizhou Province (No.
GE Transportation announced today it has completed the purchase of a 50 percent interest in locomotive manufacturer Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty (LKZ) from Kazakhstans national railway company, KTZ.
Sis siuolaikine terminu sistema puikiai atitinkantis zodis, nors ir pateikiamas LKZ, dabar beveik nevartojamas, nors iprastas zodis isradimas turi kategoriniu poziuriu daugiareiksme priesagu, kuria vengiama terminijoje ivardyti veiksmo rezultata.
This along with the decreasing number of orthotics professionals in Europe leads to a decline in the overall quality and availability of adequate orthotic insoles.Based on the knowledge acquired from extensive diagnosing and treating, LKZ has developed OrmoSys, a complete system for the diagnosis and treatment of foot and postural ailments.
Tajikistan state railway Rohee Ohani Tojikiston (ROT) intends to procure two TE33A Evolution diesel locomotives manufactured by JSC Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty (LKZ), a joint venture between Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ) and Transmashholding.