LLADLord Love a Duck (movie)
LLADLandscape and Lighting Assessment District (California)
LLADLow Level Air Defense
LLADLower Limb Arterial Disease
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The DLLBH models could be combined with equations that relate the DLLBH of a tree to the LLAD of the first log within it (Briggs et al.
Probably the most complex relationship between the two programmes is that between the two parts of the LLAD procurement.
The LLAD missile procurement is closely related to that of the gun system and it might be two years before an order is placed.
PHOTO : Signaalapparaten's Flycatcher, if it wins the Turkish LLAD contract, would be locally built by the Havas consortium.
LLAD = the large limb average diameter (in.) which is assumed to be 2.5 inches in this study.
(1991) found that Douglas-fir lumber and veneer grade recovery is a continuous function of the largest limb average diameter (LLAD) of a log.
A subsample of trees was climbed to measure the largest branch and LLAD of the 5-m butt log position.
Since largest limb average diameter (LLAD) has been successfully used in predicting product recovery from logs, we calculated LLADBH from the branches in the BH region to determine if LLADBH can be predicted from density and planting design.
Lumber MSR and visual grades Model (a) price (b) ($/mbf) MSR 2100f 1.8E 18.69 x exp(2.962 x LLAD + 0.025 441 x JWPC20 - 2.95811 x LLA [D.sup.2] - 0.000783 x JWPC [20.sup.2]) MSR 1650f 1.5E 38.1 x exp(0.79 x LLAD - 0.702 x 398 LLA[D.sup.2] - 0.000 105 x JWPC [20.sup.2]) MSR 1450f 1.3E Obtained by subtraction 338 Visual No.