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LLAPLive Long And Prosper
LLAPLocalTalk Link Access Protocol
LLAPLegionella-like Amoebal Pathogen
LLAPLEARNS (Linking Education and America Reads through National Service) Literacy Assessment Profile (Scotts Valley, CA)
LLAPLow Level Aerial Photography
LLAPLove, Light and Peace
LLAPLightweight Logical Automation (communications)
LLAPLightweight Logical Automation Protocol (communications)
LLAPLOCA Limits Analysis Package
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Since SAIL events were not limited to LLAP band cases and frequently exhibited snowfall over large regions downwind of Lakes Erie and Ontario, data for multiple objectives were often sought simultaneously.
NAaAaAeAnib, et mAaAaAe puhul mAaAaAeAnngisid juhtivat rolli Sakala seniores eiusdem provincie e selle piirkonna valitsejad (55) (st mitte vaid AaAaAeA likud, kes olid pAaAaAe Sakalast, de Sackale) (56), kAaAaAeA llap siis viljandlased.
The unnamed bacterium is one of a group called Legionella-like amoebic pathogens, or LLAPs. These pathogens are close cousins of Legionella pneumophila-the microbe thought to cause Legionnaires' disease-report Barry Fields of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and his colleagues in the July-September Emerging Infectious Diseases, a CDC online journal.
Just see asjaolu hAaAaAeAnirib mu Abhaasia ajalool ja etnoloogidest kolleege, kellega on filmist juttu tulnud, kAaAaAeA ige rohke KAaAaAeA llap leiduks nAaAaAeA rdinuid ka Eestis, kui meie vabadussAaAaAeA da kuju Vene kodusAaAaAeA jana, milles eestlastel polnud mingit rolli.
Only one healthy Nova Scotian had serologic evidence of recent infection with an LLAP, LLAP 4.
A new Legionella-like amoebal pathogen (LLAP) was isolated from a hospital cooling tower.
Nimoy signed off the message "LLAP", which is Spock's catchphrase, Live Long And Prosper.
Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." He then signed off with his trademark Star Trek catchphrase LLAP (live long and prosper).
The bedraggled victims fled to the relative safety of the mountain ranges of Llap, Shala and Drenica.
The aim of this study was to characterize the ability of two recently isolated Legionella-like amoebal pathogens (LLAPs), "soil" and "z" to grow inside a human macrophage-cell line as an indication of their disease-causing potential.
(6,7) and Legionella-like amoebal pathogens (LLAPs) (8).