LLBALinguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
LLBALand of Lakes Bowfishing Association (Minnesota)
LLBALinn Livingston Baptist Association (Meadville, MO)
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En los ultimos veinte anos, el tema de las combinaciones de palabras en la linguistica teorica y la aplicada se ha estudiado exhaustivamente, como podemos comprobar consultando en los bancos de datos de LLBA, ERIC, MLA (1) y Google Scholar.
El declive de este concepto tambien se aprecia en los resultados que obtenemos si consultamos los estudios publicados en el banco de datos LLBA: la cantidad total de estudios relacionados con el tema de colocacion es aproximadamente 60 veces mayor que el de coligacion.
These include Silverplatter products such as MLA, LLBA, Sociofile, and Art Index as well as NISC's South African Studies, Dialog's ERIC and Philosopher's Index, and Faxon's Faxon Finder which is particularly strong in the field of the humanities.
"The bibliography contains over one thousand entries" gleaned from a survey of 133 journals and DAI and LLBA (222).
Of the twenty-eight original databases, five were most likely to yield the kinds of materials that had originally surfaced; Philosopher's Index, Sociological Abstracts, ERIC, Psychological Abstracts, and Literature and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) were searched for writings published during 1973 through 1982.
five were found in Philosophers Index, five in Sociological Abstracts, one in ERIC, and one in LLBA. Interestingly, for an interdisciplinary topic, none of the original citations appeared in two different databases, although one work appeared twice in Sociological Abstracts in what appears to be two forms - once as an association presentation and the other as a published article.