LLCTLigand-to-Ligand Charge Transfer (electronics)
LLCTLincoln Land Conservation Trust (Lincoln, MA)
LLCTLyme Land Conservation Trust (est. 1966; Lyme, CT)
LLCTLogical Link Control Translator
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Since MLCT and LLCT characters of compounds are affected by solvents, the bioactivity measurement procedures, especially the ones that use a light source such as Myoglobin-Assay, must be considered with regard to solvent type.
Frontier orbital analysis shows that this band has the interligand and intraligand ligand-to-ligand charge transfer (LLCT) characteristics; that is, transitions occur from tpa, edot, and dts groups to edot, dts, and cyanoacrylic acid groups.
Smith, owner and principal, SMITH\Green Health Consulting, LLCT believes there are more projects gardens or renovating their main entrances "to create a dynamic and welcoming 'front door'".
Mixtures of intraligand charge-transfer (ILCT) and ligand-to-ligand charge-transfer (LLCT) excitations have been correlated to the emission presented by green/emissive Copper (I) compounds based on heteroleptic coumarin (N,N' bidentate)/triphenylphosphine ligands [15].