LLDNLaparoscopic Living Donor Nephrectomy
LLDNLightweight Language Day and Night
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For a kidney transplant, usually the left kidney is taken, because the left renal vein is significantly longer compared to the contra lateral vein, and therefore, the technique of the left LLDN is described in this paper.
Prior to LLDN, a check up instruments, suction device, irrigator, insufflator, and electrocautery is recommended.
reported 0-13.3% conversion rate for LLDN. The reasons for conversion were intraoperative hemorrhage due to vascular injuries or lesion of the spleen, difficult kidney exposure due to donor obesity, vascular stapler malfunction and loss of pneumoperitoneum [6].
Castel-Taleb, "Modeling and performance evaluation of the IEEE 802.15.4e LLDN mechanism designed for industrial applications in WSNs," Wireless Networks, vol.
LLDN was introduced in 1995 to reduce the disincentives with respect to live donation by reducing the impact of the open nephrectomy procedure on the kidney donor.
The TSCH-CA algorithm is different from CSMA-CA in IEEE 802.15.4 and special for TSCH; While LLDN uses the slotted CSMA-CA channel access mechanism, the same to IEEE 802.15.4, for management timeslots and shared group timeslot.