LLDSLogical-Level Data Sharing
LLDSLaser-Light Diffraction Spectroscopy
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* The high cost of training programmes typically prevents the organisation of full-scale language-specific training, especially for LLDs. A frequent compromise is to offer non-language-specific training which, however, cannot always fully address the participants' (and users') needs and expectations (see also Bancroft, 2015, p.
Percentage of dyslipidemia, CI, and the use of LLDs was also not significantly different among SUA quartiles.
Although functional development and leader development are different for each of the four cohorts, the goal is to provide an overarching strategy that will continually update the LLDS across all cohorts.
The details of LLDs and statistical features are given in table-1.
Beyond LDL-C, both non-HDL-C and apolipoprotein B (ApoB) are considered important lipid markers for not only LDL particles but also for TG-rich lipoprotein concentrations, CVD risk prediction, and monitoring the efficacy of LLDs especially in patients with DM and MetS.
In 1945 the only postgraduate law degree he could enrol for at the University of Melbourne was the Doctorate of Laws, the LLD. The LLM at that time was not a research degree.
OpenSmile computes LLDs from basic speech features (pitch, loudness, voice quality) or representations of the speech signal (cepstrum, linear predictive coding).
The symptoms finally end up in MSD/ LLDs which may lead to physical ailments doctor's visits hospitalization and sometimes permanent disabilities.
Linear equation, linear detection range, slope, value of [r.sup.2], and the LLD for the toxicants tested are shown in Table 1.
Inspired by a trip around the city and its famous landmarks, the LLDs took part in a series of workshops with Kate and Museum of Liverpool staff, to create fantasy landscapes, creatures and characters to adorn the walls of the Little Liverpool gallery, sponsored by ECHO.
It contains low-level descriptors (LLDs) as well as more sophisticated description techniques.
Our disciplines are English literature, journalism, anthropology, law, sociology and psychology, with a BA degree, LLDs and PhDs among us.