LLENSLocal Learning and Employment Networks (Victoria, Australia)
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Overall, 86.7 per cent of the eligible cohort took place in the survey, with rates of participation varying from 80.4 per cent to 94.7 per cent across individual LLENs.
Table 2 presents the designed and achieved sample sizes, broken out by participating LLEN. The 'deferrals' column reports the number of school completers who identified as deferrers when first contacted in 2007.
The numbers above almost certainly underestimate the numbers of deferrers in each LLEN. DEECD tracking studies typically survey approximately only 70 per cent of the eligible school-completer cohort (e.g.
Mr Dixon said the Napthine Government s funding for LLENs would be increased by $5.7 million in 2015 to $8 million, following the Federal Government s budget decision to discontinue its financial contribution.
Just as the Napthine Government stepped in with $5.1 million to save the Workplace Learning Coordinators program in 2013, we have been working with the LLENs to ensure they have certainty for next year, following the Federal Government budget decision to withdraw funding, Mr Dixon said.
This $13.1 million investment will ensure LLENs and Workplace Learning Coordinators can continue to deliver strong pathways from school to further education and work.