LLFSLow Lung Function Subgroup
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Suhaimin Cosain said she and fellow LLFS graduates Diamond Diso and Fatima Malangkat had also learned basic numeracy, which they used in small trading activities.
Baby Mindalano, an LLFS graduate, said the men among them helped as laborers in the construction work.
The LLFS is a 76.9 hectare (190.1 acre) parcel of mixed upland and wetland habitat in south-central Lowndes County, GA.
Two major fields of research, paleoecology (6) and the more recent field of paleotempestology (7) have benefited from work done at the LLFS. Lake Louise was first recognized in 1969 (8) as a possible research site for studies on post-Wisconsin glacial period pollen studies involving the replacement of oak communities by pine dominated communities.
Wright (11) in his discussion of landscape development, and the need to establish biologically based protocols for wilderness management areas such as the Boundary Water Canoe Areas of Minnesota, drew upon the early work of Watts (9) at the LLFS as part of his arguments for the development of biologically based protocols.
Using oxygen isotopes proxies (21), (22) from tree cores taken at the LLFS, Miller, et al.
The LLFS has also been a key site for studying and understanding biological diversity in the Southeastern U.S.
[E.sub.Design] = The design illuminance, as predicted by photometric calculation and generally performed by a luminaire manufacturer or lighting designer using photometrically-based lighting software, and which does not consider any LLFs.
Recoverable LLFs are associated with depreciation in light output that occurs during the operating life of the system and that could be recovered through maintenance or relamping.
Unnecessarily high illuminance recommendations coupled with unrealistically high LLFs may lead to adequate sports lighting at the municipal level.
As with all lighting systems, the decline in light output over time is accounted for with a LLF. Light depreciation in sports lighting applications has not previously been systematically studied, making it nearly impossible to employ a defensible LLF as part of the lighting design process.