LLHRLibyan League for Human Rights (Libya, Africa)
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The first mention of the term "Little League Home Run" that does refer to that which this study defines as such appeared in the game account of Denny Doyle's LLHR hit on June 1, 1974.
That may seem strange at first blush, but it makes sense as you think a little more about it: when pitchers bat, they typically bunt with a runner on first and/or second with less than two out, and as infielders rush in to grab the ball and hurry the throw to a base, it seems more likely they will throw the ball away and yield the LLHR.
However, when newspaper accounts were consulted, two of them were found to have been two separate plays instead of a single LLHR play, with Simmons stopping on base on the first play each time and then scoring on a teammate's at bat-one of which was on Joe Torre's own Little League Home Run!
Despite there having been 24 Little League Home Runs hit in the ninth inning or later, there has been only one walk-off LLHR in history found as of publication date: Manny Mota's two-run "shot" to turn a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 win for the Pittsburgh Pirates over the New York Mets on August 27, 1963.
By Ballpark Venue As of publication date, 69 different ballpark venues have seen at least one LLHR hit within.
Fortunately, FanGraphs agreed and allowed me to repurpose the presentation into a three-part article, complete with embedded video and audio of actual LLHRs, which was published later that summer.
And the definition had to be simple since we needed to be able to query the play-by-play database maintained by Retrosheet-the universally acknowledged gold standard for the cataloguing of major league games throughout history-to uncover LLHRs for which we have no available video or audio evidence.
(6) At the time of the original presentation, of the 148,390 total games available to query in the Retrosheet database (through the end of the 2014 season (7)), a total of 258 Little League Home Runs had been identified, which worked out to 1.74 LLHRs per 1,000 games played.