LLISLessons Learned Information Sharing (homeland security)
LLISLessons Learned Information System (NASA)
LLISLow Load Insurance Services, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
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Permission of the authors of the LLIS scales was obtained for translation into Turkish.
All patients included in the study filled out the LLIS scale under the guidance of a supervisor in the hospital setting.
For presence-absence data, we performed logistic regression models with a single predictor variable identifying houses with LLIS and control houses (coded as 1 and 0, respectively) and accounting for each house membership in a given sampling cluster (cluster-robust SE calculation).
In our study, the entomologic effect of LLIS was greater than that detected in a recent study of deltamethrin-treated window curtains (12), in which a 27% reduction of adult Ae.
A weakness of the existing literature regarding a potential relationship between LLI and gait asymmetries is that no studies have combined accurate measures of LLI (i.e., radiography) with quantitative measures of gait asymmetry.
Nineteen of the twenty six subjects exhibited a LLI that was less than 1 cm (11 females; 8 males; age = 30 [+ or -] 5 yrs; height = 1.73 [+ or -] 0.11 m; mass = 71.5 [+ or -] 16.8 kg).
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