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LLJLong Live Jahseh (rapper)
LLJLow-Level Jet (meteorology)
LLJLaw Library Journal
LLJLow Level Jet stream (meteorology)
LLJLead Like Jesus (Augusta, GA)
LLJLietuvos Liberalus Jaunimas (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Liberal Youth; Vilnius, Lithuania)
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While the moister atmosphere tends to increase atmospheric moisture transport to the northern High Plains and thus precipitation there, the increased eddy height anomalies tend to reduce this precipitation by inducing subsidence in the northern High Plains as well as by weakening the Great Plains LLJ. In other words, the modest change in the precipitation PDF (Fig.
The second process is inertial oscillation, where the diurnal friction changes in the boundary layer lead to an LLJ after the sunset when the friction decreases (Lin 2007).
Figure 4(c) indicates that, at the initial time, the southwesterly LLJ at 700 hPa was located to the southwest of the key rainstorm area with the jet axis in the area (29-30[degrees]N, 113-115[degrees]E).
The LLJ starts with strong jet stream winds blowing perpendicular to the Rocky Mountains.
These owners are adopting a more 'tenant-focused' approach, valuing their tenants and wanting to limit the inconvenience and costs of frequently re-leasing their properties," said LLJ Property's Andrea Menown.
"Low quality apartments declined an average of 5% during January and February," explained Andrea Menown, Leasing Manager, LLJ Property.
And this capacity is located in a self which must be prior to the ends it chooses" (LLJ, p.
Within four months of ditching these two companies, he and his ex-wife Janet were back behind the wheel of two new enterprises: LLJ Trucking Co.
These mechanisms include, but are not limited to, lift associated with the nocturnal low-level jet (LLJ), quasigeostrophic forcing, potential vorticity anomalies, and trapped gravity waves.
Four key features were then identified: (1) cyclogenesis in the Gulf of Mexico, (2) an anticyclone advecting cold arctic air into the region, (3) an upper level shortwave trough approaching the region and (4) a low-level jet (LLJ) in advance of the trough.
Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Thorpe & Etherton LLJ & Ryder J