LLKLong Live the King (strategic roleplaying game)
LLKLaval Loisirs Karting (French: Karting Laval Interests)
LLKLollipop Lust Kill (band)
LLKLuxury Life Kills (clothing brand; est. 2009)
LLKLaugh Like Kira
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Another participant (LLK) remarked on the issue of congruency between internal and external expressions of one's personal identity, "You know, I want to assume that what I see visibly or what is visible to me is...
Number 12Similarity percentage: 40 %###AP00794###I I G PV LG MV G SALG G LLK K I###+ + G S VAN M + + S + LG G + + G K +
llk evliligi sonlanan ve anadili Turkce olan kadinlar arasinda yeniden evlenme diger anadil gruplarindaki kadmlara gore belirgin bir bicimde daha yuksektir.
llk anyone @ THE BIG MARTIN LUTHER KING MIDDLE SCHOOL cares mr roberts ...
Hib enfeksiyonunun sik goruldugu llk alti aylik donemde asfama yapildiginda kesin korunma saglanmaktadir.
It is an 11-colour ink set consisting of Pk, Mk, Lk, LLK, C, VM, Y, Lc, VLm, Or and Gr available in 350ml and 700ml cartridges.
llk yerli Meksika baskani Benito Juarez (1858-1871) "baris, yabancilarin haklarina saygidir" onermesinde bulundu.
La inductancia de dispersion de XTs Llk, Cre y la fuente de corriente Io forman un circuito resonante.
Now I say deca-faced, ten-faced, you have to see things in different ways.' (llk.media.mit.edu, Behind the Screens, Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Reflective Practice, Michelle Iva Hlubinka, June 2003)
(101.) Griffin LC, Toole JJ, Leung LLK. The discovery and characterization of a novel nucleotide-based thrombin inhibitor.
kitten [right arrow] 'llk') and phonological dyslexics tend to spell non-words via analogy with real words (Patterson, 1982), although some phonological dyslexics can also display surface dysgraphia (Beauvois & Derouesne, 1979).
So great is the sense of self-congratulation presssed on the audience that soon one begins to llk down on the actor as well as the character.