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LLLL-Size X 3 (Triple Large)
LLLLive & Let Live
LLLLa Leche League
LLLL-3 Communications (stock symbol)
LLLLong Lost Love
LLLLower Left Lid
LLLLife Long Learning
LLLLifelong Language Learning
LLLLive Linux List
LLLLiving Like Larry (Spongebob Squarepants)
LLLLeft Lower Lobe (lung)
LLLLow Level Laser
LLLLive Love Laugh
LLLLearning Language in Logic (workshop)
LLLLutheran Laymen's League
LLLLong, Long, Long (Beatles song)
LLLLawrence Livermore Laboratory
LLLLocation, Location, Location
LLLLow Light Level (camera)
LLLLow Location Lighting
LLLLow Level Language
LLLLive Laugh Learn (various organizations)
LLLLow-Level Light
LLLLenstra, Lenstra, and Lovasz (lattice reduction algorithm)
LLLLegal Lending Limit (banking)
LLLLicentiate of Law
LLLLoony Liberal Left
LLLLanguage, Linguistics and Literature (education)
LLLLive Life Loud (Charlbury, Oxfordshire, UK festival)
LLLLate Life Lesbian
LLLLow-Level Logic
LLLLow Liquid Level
LLLLiquid-Like Layer (ice)
LLLLonger Letter Later (on the end of a note)
LLLLight, Life and Love (mysticism)
LLLLive Life Large
LLLLeiden Law Library (Netherlands)
LLLLogistics Lesson Learned
LLLLeased Long Line
LLLLimited Loss Liability
LLLLoyal Lusitanian Legion (Peninsular War)
LLLLongitudinal Level of the Lesion (neurology)
LLLLessons Learned Line
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A question for ALA in 2018 is whether its policy paper adheres to this mainly economic focus, or whether it favours the emergent 'third generation LLL' vision which reverts to a wider socio-cultural ambition for a healthier society in a healthier environment: that is, something that matches the fine add-on, feel-good words of many LLL statements, and rebalances the economic with the social (see for example UNESCOs later key documents such as UNESCO UIL, 2010, UNESCO, 2015a and b, also Yang and Valdes-Cotera, 2011).
It is well known that the bound of operation complexity in LLL is O([n.sup.4] log n) [8].
The patient's physical examination revealed decreased breath sounds at the lower left lung base, with wheezing limited to the LLL. Although he had continued to smoke for the past 6 months, he had quit smoking 3 weeks prior to the current presentation.
The team after their field inspection of some feeder roads and facilities constructed through its intervention program across the state, expressed satisfaction on the successes recorded by the State Coordinating office of Fadama lll additional financing and most importantly the farmer's enthusiasm in the programme.
Keywords: Plant Weight; NPL; LLL; WLL; Location; Regression Analysis; Model Comparison.
Prior to LLL, these SMs were performing at an elite level of physical fitness and considered tactical athletes.
At that time, the seller said it will use the proceeds from it to repay its GBP16m debt, as well as for corporate purposes.Country: UK, Sector: Road Transport/Freight TransportTarget: Laxey Logistics Ltd (LLL)Buyer: Norbert Dentressangle SAVendor: Douglasbay Capital plcDeal size in USD: 313.6mType: DivestmentStatus: Closed
Before we strapped into the aircraft, I talked to my copilot about the difference between HLL and LLL: The increased outside-to-inside scan needed to back-up yourself on the instruments and the degraded visual cues, as opposed to what he was used to seeing under HLL conditions.
The initiative will provide TRADOC an opportunity to consolidate many ongoing efforts throughout the schools and provide a combined resource approach to move the LLL process forward.
The ELSA GLoria lll provides 6.4GB/sec bandwidth enabling work in fully textured mode while achieving real-time frame rates.
In Memoriam LLL + ELC, 1999, consists of a simple, almost diagrammatic rendering of two small houses: one yellow with an open door, the other blue with its door shut.
Kentucky Commissioner George Nichols lll was elected president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Dec.