LLLRLow-Level Laser Radiation
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Sarita Dhuper, Founder and Executive Director of Live Light Live Right, will present Brookdale and LLLR's community an outreach plan aimed at improving the health of our community members: "The quality of food we eat is as important as the quality of the air we breathe," says Dr.
The maximum and minimum contaminant concentrations of LLLR and LLuR appear in lower-right region and left region, respectively.
Meanwhile, contaminant concentrations of ULUR and ULLR in the lower-left region, and that of LLLR and LLUR in the lower-right region, are highest, but their local mean age of air is not so in these regions.
The minimum FFOAE appears in the lower-left region of ULUR and ULLR and in the lower-right region of LLLR and LLUR, owing to the high contaminant concentration.
Meanwhile, the FFOAE of LLLR and LLUR first rise due to the increase of [E.sub.P,B], then descend due to decrease of [E.sub.[tau]A] and [E.sub.P,B] in the bottom region.
Increasing of outdoor airflow rate promotes mean the FFOAE of the human respiration zone to descend for ULUR and ULLR and to rise for LLLR and LLUR.
Increasing contamination sources emission intensities leads the mean FFOAE to rise first and then to decline for ULUR, LLLR and LLUR, but it is to the contrary for ULLR.
The LLLR children participated in this program twice a week, in addition to working out with a LLLR trainer, Ebony, in a local park playing basketball and running.