LLLSLiving Longer Living Stronger (Tasmania, Australia)
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If the LLLs had been around canvassing in the 19th century when millions of tons of coal were being excavated from the land, polluting the air, contaminating water and in general being a blot on the landscape, their objections, protest marches etc would have stopped the industrial revolution taking place earning the country billions of pounds and creating millions of jobs.
Do the LLLs and the Green Party really believe that wind turbines are the answer and that they are not an unsightly sore on our landscape?
In addition, several repositories are under construction, including the Hispania Epigraphic collections in the LLLS, and a collection of Chemical LOs in the School of Pharmacy.
To enlighten the characters of our target LLLs, let us mention some characters of the regular students within educational institutions.
On the contrary, our target LLLs should specify by themselves their learning profiles in terms of domain, objectives and social actors to be found, as well as master the knowledge domain language.
Therefore, our objective is to propose a model architecture able to assist our target LLLs in finding, reordering, classifying, interacting with the proper knowledge resources, and sharing them with other persons having similar requirements.
The purpose of this study was to examine the possible relationship between rehabilitation factors, other factors, and high-level mobility as measured by the CHAMP in SMs with traumatic LLL. We hypothesized that rehabilitation factors such as strength, balance, and gait components represented by individual test items of the Amputee Mobility Predictor with Prosthesis (AMPPro), and other factors such as weight, waist circumference, age, time since amputation, level of amputation, number of limbs lost, severity of musculoskeletal injury, residual-limb length, prosthetic ankle/foot design, and prosthetic knee device would be related to high-level mobility, as measured by participants' CHAMP scores (Tables 1 and 2).
A convenience sample of 118 Active Duty or retired male SMs between the ages of 18 and 40 yr with traumatic LLL completed the study.
This measure was only included in the regression models for participants with unilateral LLL.
He loves to share this experience with his students and with those involved in the development of the LLL.
The LLL is structured around a flat leadership model.
As part of an ongoing mobile learning (m-learning) project at LLL, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, a mobile learning platform called Movel has been developed and provided by a local secure mobile environment for testing.